We tried to list the most frequently asked questions and their answers on this page. If you cannot find the answer to your question please do not hesitate to contact us.

A couple does not legally have to be married to each other, as long as they are not married to someone else then it is fine to proceed with IVF treatment.
Yes it is, as long as you have a reliable scanning unit who can also provide you with a written report and pictures, then this will not be an issue for us.
When contacting us, we will state which tests are required and we will email you a list of centres that can help. You can choose the centre closest to you or one that you find more cost effective.
We can provide a prescription for the medication and if you are unable to buy these in your country via your own doctor then we can send the prescription to an online pharmacy. The online pharmacy are located in the UK and will convert the prescription to a UK prescription and then will ship the medication to your home address (please be aware that when sending medication outside of the UK, syringes/needles etc. will not be enclosed)
You will have contact with Dr Celalettin Ornek  we will both be with you at each stage and guide you with what to do at each stage.
Yes we will be more than happy to take the added stress and arrange for your airport collection and our co-ordinator can contact you with reasonable packets for hotel selections also.
Donor matching is made by matching your main characteristics and also blood group, we also ask for a photograph of yourself to help with the donor match and our donor Co ordinator will be able to match a donor as best as possible for you.
We make sure that egg donors share as many similar physical characteristics with you as possible, so that the child will have the chance to resemble you in spite of not sharing your DNA with him or her, and the same applies in cases where donor sperm is used. If the baby is conceived using your partner’s or husband’s sperm, then he or she will resemble him also.